Learn to code

Interactive hands on project based learning.

Why learn to code?

Programming is the most valuable skill now and for the foreseeable future.
What if you can prepare now for a bright future ahead?

Programming teaches us how to think, and can improve your creativity and problem-solving skills.
What if you could develop those skills and be able to apply in other walks of life?

Students spend a lot of your time online engaging in social media, playing games, watching movies etc.
What if you could spend some of that time learning to code and makes those apps and games instead?

Introducing CoderCrunch

CoderCrunch is an online platform where students learn and practice coding. Students can learn at their own pace or work with teachers, tutors or mentors.

What are the benefits for you?

Learn to Code

Learn by enrolling in bite sized courses and interactive tools to re-inforce learning.

Practice Coding

Practice coding by doing programming exercises and mini projects.

Get Challenged

Solve a variety of programming exercises & challenges to test and improve your programming skills.

Grow and Acheive

Grow your knowledge and coding skills while earning points, badges and certificates.

Learning designed for you

20+ Programming Subjects
From basic subjects like HTML/Javascript/Python all the way to Java/C/C++.

Interactive programming
Learn with interactive and bite sized learning courses self paced in a fun way.

Hands on learning
Practice coding skills with tons of programming exercise, projects and challenges.

Learning Achievements
Earn badges, certificates and track learning and coding progress with leaderboards.

12+ Learning tools

Bite Size Courses

Interactive Courses

Hands on Guides

Programming Tutorials

Programming Exercises

Programming Challenges

Hands on Projects

Learning Flashcards

Interactive Cards

Curated Vidoes

Programming Quizzes

Programming Tests

Online Code Editor

Learning SlideDecks

Curated Videos

Answer Forums

Learning Pathways

Personal Evaluations


Enroll in classes

Extend your learning by enrolling in various classes offered by individual teachers or schools.

Homework and Assignments

Get help with homework, assignments and project work.

Community Benefits

Reach out to community for help and connect with others.

Assisted Learning

Submit solution for review, ask questions and get answers from CoderCrunch staff.

Curriculum Based

Prepare and excel in Advanced Placement® exams like AP® CSA and AP® CSP by taking mock tests.

Beyond Coding Bootcamps

Sharpen your coding skills beyond what you learnt in bootcamps and other programming classes.

Get started today!

Learning Channels

 Intro to Computers
 Learn to Code

 AP® CSP Exam
 AP® CS A Exam


 Developer Zone
 Server Side Java

All plans include:
  FREE Content Access
  Community Content Access
  Enroll in Classes
  Public Profile
  20+ Learning Channels
  Access to all learning tools



per year

Forever Free
 Free Content
 Limited Ads
 Download Exercise Materials
 Download Project Materials
 Unlock Exercise Solutions
 Unlock Project Solutions
 Submit Solutions for Review



per year

Billed as one payment of $19 annually
 Unlock Premium Content
 No Ads
 Download Exercise Materials
 Download Project Materials
 Unlock Exercise Solutions
 Unlock Project Solutions
 Submit Solutions for Review

Premium Plus


per year

Billed as one payment of $34 annually
Self Learning
 Unlock Premium Content
 No Ads
 Download Exercise Materials
 Download Project Materials
 Unlock Exercise Solutions
 Unlock Project Solutions
 Submit Solutions for Review

Premium Max


per year

Billed as one payment of $54 annually
Assisted Learning
 Unlock Premium Content
 No Ads
 Download Exercise Materials
 Download Project Materials
 Unlock Exercise Solutions
 Unlock Project Solutions
 Submit Solutions for Review1

  • 1 Students can submit their Solutions to Exercises and Projects to CoderCrunch staff for review and get detailed feedback. The Premium Max plan includes 100 credits allowing about 20 Exercise or 10 Project Solutions Reviews, more credits may be purchased separately.

  • Frequently asked questions

    What age group of does CoderCrunch cater to?

    Our content and our learning styles are more geared towards teens and adults who can learn on their own. However, you can also work with a teacher, tutor or a mentor.

    I am new to programming, can I learn to code using CoderCrunch?

    Yes, certainly. If you are learner with no experience or have some programming experience in school in a coding camp, etc. you can quickly learn new programming languages and improve your coding skills.

    I am already learning to code from a coding school or online, how can CoderCrunch help me?

    Programming is all about practice, even if you are learning elsewhere you can use the CoderCrunch Platform to improve coding skills and to learn new programming languages.

    What is the medium of instruction?

    All our learning tools (courses, projects, etc.) are text-based interactive tools. We plan to add video-based lessons in near future.

    Does CoderCrunch cover programming subjects taught in school and college?

    Our premium channels like AP® Computer Science (Java), AP® Computer Science Principles etc. help students prepare for Advanced Placement® exams.

    Does CoderCrunch prepare students for real-world jobs?

    Our platform and style of learning involves understanding programming fundamentals, hands on project based learning along with extensive programming practice to prepare students for real-world jobs.

    Why are the payment yearly and not one time?

    The premium plan gives a full one year of learning at very low priced compared to other coding schools, and we add new courses, guides, projects, etc. every month thus providing more value over time.

    Does CoderCrunch offer additional training and coaching beyond this premium plan?

    Yes, we offer in private or group based coaching online to students who need additional guidance and mentorship via CoderCrunch Academy. Please contact us for details.

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