Points A digital unit for reputation and currency for balance.


Points is the unit of measure used at CoderCrunch to give reward given for learning, coding, contribution and activities performed by the Coders.

Point Types

At high level there are two type of points.

Reputation Points

The reputation points decide the rank and band of the Coder. The higher number of reputation points, the higher is the Rank and Band of the Coder.
Further the reputation points is sum of Learning, Coding, Contribution and Activities Points.

Each Coder earns these reputation points based on the following four different aspects:

  • Learning - Points awarded for the learning (quizzes, tests, studysets etc.) done by the Coder.
  • Coding - Points awarded for successfully solving coding challenges done by the Coder..
  • Contribution - The points are awarded for publishing tutorials, quizzes, answer questions etc.
  • Activities - Points awarded to the user for doing certain activities like becoming a mentor, inviting other Coders, voting, setting up profile etc.

Bonus Points

The bonus points does not effect the reputation of the Coder at all. These points represent rewards given to user for their contributions, valuable activities etc. as performed by the Coder. The Coder can redeem these points for additional non reputation effecting digital or physical goods like avatars, stickers, badges etc.

Points Equation

So how are reputation points calculated?.


The following are some of the example of activities that give points:
  • Profile Completion
  • Employment History
  • On receiving Endorsements
  • On getting Recommended
  • Write Tutorials
  • Creating Quizzes
  • Taking Quizzes
  • Solving Challenges
  • Creating Challenges
  • Getting Certified
  • By Voting
  • Get a Follower
  • Post or Answer Interview Question
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Earn Badges
  • and more...
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