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What age group does CoderCrunch cater to?

Our learning style and materials are more geared towards students of all ages. We work with students and adjust learning based on their skills to take them to the next level.

I am new to programming, can I learn to code using CoderCrunch?

Yes, certainly. If you are learner with no experience or have some programming experience in school or in a coding camp, etc. you can quickly learn new programming languages and improve your coding skills.

What is the medium of instruction for self-paced learning?

All our learning tools (courses, projects, etc.) are text-based interactive tools along with video-based lessons for easy understanding.

Does CoderCrunch cover programming subjects taught in school and college?

Our premium channels like AP® Computer Science (Java), AP® Computer Science Principles etc. help students prepare for Advanced Placement® exams.

Does CoderCrunch prepare students for real-world jobs?

Our platform and style of learning involves understanding programming fundamentals, hands on project based learning along with extensive programming practice to prepare students for real-world jobs.

Learning Tracks

What is Learning Track?

A learning track is pathway that a student chooses based on interest and need. Each level track has 3 level of master.
Level 1 - Beginner, Level 2 - Intermediate, Level 3- Advanced.

How long is a learning track ? Can I change it?

It all depends on your skill set, and time and effort you put it. Each level in the track is generally 3-4 months long, so it can take up to 9-12 months to finish a track completely. Yes, you can change your learning track anytime as your like.

I am not sure which learning track to join?

Send us an email or call us, we can guide you and determine the best learning track based on your needs.

What kind of curriculum is followed?

We follow a custom curriculum that we have developed and refined over the years. Further we act as a coach mentoring and working with students based on their needs and skill sets.

What teaching methodology is used?

We employ a right mix delivering knowledge about core concepts and practices, followed by hands on exercises and projects making learning a engaging as possible.

What is this Learning Portal?

Our Learning Portal is a excellent collection of programming courses, guides, exercises, projects, challenges, test etc. assigned by the coach to the students to work on. In addition students can work on their own for extra knowledge and practice in a self paced learning mode. The Learning Portal is available to students 24x7 as long as they are an active member of the Learning Portal.


What is the best time to enroll?

We offer an year-around program providing private and semi-private so classes start almost every other week. Enroll any time.

Is there any homework or assignments?

Yes, you will be enrolled in our Learning Portal and your coach will provide you weekly assignments.

Can I see progress of my child?

Yes, you can login to your child account or ask to be notified about assignments and outcomes.

What do I need to bring to in person class?

Students need to bring their laptop with them. Any laptop less than 3 years old with windows or MAC OS would work fine.

What do I need for an online class?

Students need have a laptop or desktop with a good internet connection. Have a microphone and speaker is required. A video camera is optional. Any computer less than 3 years old with windows or MAC OS would work fine.

Tuition & Policy

How is tuition fee charged?

The tuition fee is due on or before the start of each cycle (month). Depending on the student to coach ratio your monthly tuition fee will vary and wil be charged automatically.

What about teaching operation during holidays?

CoderCrunch is closed on all major national holidays. You will be get a make credit for all the classes missed due to a holiday. There is no prorating of tuition fee due to holidays.

What if my child misses a class?

You must notify about at 2 days before if you child will be missing a class to be eligible for a make class. Classes missed without early notification are not eligible for a make up class or refund.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require a week's notice for termination of enrollment. You will get a refund of any unused classes. No prorated refunds or make up class credits are valid after termination.

For further details refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
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