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Self Learning

Learn to code at your own pace or with assistance.


Learn to code by enrolling in interactive programing courses, follow pathways and guides.


Practice coding by doing programming exercises and mini projects.

Get Challenged

Solve hundreds of programming challenges, take quizzes and tests.


Grow your knowledge, earn points learning and coding activities.

Coding Classes

Enroll in coding classes and learn from teachers and coding schools.


Enroll in online coding classes and local coding camps offered by coding schools and organizations.

Tutors & Schools

Find local tutors and coding schools and learn about various coding classes and camps they offer.

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Coding Clubs

Create a coding club at your school and learn with peers.


Create a club, enroll members, and teach a variety of programming subjects using our platform.


Members learn programming using a variety of innovative tools like Flashcards, CrunchCards and ClueCards.

Learning Materials

Use the community shared materials by CoderCrunch or other members for your own club or simply follow or use your own materials.

Comprehensive Tools

Our platform provides all the required collaborations tool to ensure club members are connected and engaged .


Participate in online or in person hackathons and get exposure.

Get Challenged

Find local or online hackathons near you and put your learning into practice.

Get Exposure

Meet peers, learn by doing, grow and get real world exposure.

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