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Self Learning

Learn to code, grow your skills or prepare for an interview.

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Learn by enrolling in programing courses and following guides.

Courses Guides Studysets


Practice via programming exercises and coding challenges for interviews.

Exercises Challenges


Builds small solutions or complete apps and projects.

Codelets Apps Projects


Grow your knowledge via tutorials and participating in discussions.

Tutorials Discussions


Evaluate your skills by taking take quizzes and tests.

Quizzes Tests


Connect with peers, coders, mentors, build your network and connections.

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Instructor-Led Classes

Enroll in coding classes, learn online or in person with us.

Online Classes

Very focused live online classes in private or semi-private (2:1) setting.

In Person Classes

Limited coding classes are also offered in person at Fremont, CA location.

The Approach

Customized Learning Plan

Custom tailored learning path for the student.

Hands on Learning

Practice coding hands with coding exercises, challenges & projects.

Weekly Assignment.

Students get weekly home assignments to work on.

Complete Visibility.

Access to Learning Portal, track progress.

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